“The work of past ages accumulates and is remade again.” 1

Our work is a collection of pieces and places– rooms, furniture, objects, sayings, utensils, and tools– and the function behind them. Each piece is like a lovingly-wrapped package: the relationship is “hand to glove”. 2 

We are interested in the moments tied to memory and the everyday: the cooking of familiar dishes, hiding out from the rain, the games and laughter of children. 3 By curating the collection beyond a portfolio, each project provides an insight, a way to see the world beyond authorship and opportunity.

Skeptical of terms like vernacular and traditional, we aim towards a design of subsistence. The mending of clothing, the tending of gardens, and the reconstituting of candles from discarded wax. These are the objects of shadow work– belonging to the under-economy of support and care. 4 

This we consider a loving pursuit of design: motivated by “what has been tested and that which has been found pleasing.” 5

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