is an architecture and interior design practice based in Minneapolis, MN. Say hi or inquire about our services at

For small projects, we are a hands-on DIY team capable of executing furniture and fabrication scaled projects. For larger projects, we work with makers, builders, and fabricators to realize our designs.

We have an agenda. We value quality of space over quantity of square footage. We value intentional, good design over novelty. We design livable spaces that get better with use– materials and fixtures that wear in rather than wearing out


The day to day tasks that keep our doors open are essential to our practice. We are skeptical of terms like “admin” or “clerical work” that can often denote that some types of labor are less valuable than others. For us, all of our work is essential to our practice and we approach it as part of the design process. Therefore, we charge for all work equally: code review, energy analysis, drafting, and budgeting are all billed on a flat fee. We are an open book office that reflects directly how those hours are spent.

We hate waste: wasted materials, wasted time, wasted energy, wasted opportunities, wasted costs.


We trust our experience and the experience of our partners. 

The act of building is both an industry and a craft and ought to be treated as both– that means we know when to push back on cost and question decisions made onsite and when to lean in and collaborate with build partners.


So this one– we made up. 

But you know placemaking? To us, it smacks of gentrification and a marketing exercise over a design investment. That’s why we choose to focus on what we call placekeeping. We aim to k e e p the best of what is already h e r e.


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