cry baby clay

Cry Baby Clay Drop Box

2020: Design-Build
Longfellow, Minneapolis, MN
cedar plywood sheathing, cedar lumber, custom hardware, acrylic, concrete
2’ x 4’ x 5’

Cry Baby Clay is the personal studio & community clay resource ran by our friend, Katie. Before leasing a brick and mortar studio space, Katie ran her clay studio out of her basement and used this drop box to sell and process “clay kits”. These kits are balls of clay and glazes that interested ceramicists and novices alike (1) pick up and form, (2) drop off to be fired by Katie, and (3) picked up again for personal use. This three-step process was handled in each of the three portions of the drop box to keep things organized and simple. Keep also made custom trays to circulate goods in and out of the box.