nakao lookout

Nakao Lookout

2021: Design-Build
Marine-grade recycled HDPE, cedar, weathering steel, concrete
5’ x 4’ x 9’

Nakao Lookout borrows its formal language from a project by the Japanese Architect Hiroshi Nakao (1979 -) titled Coups de Sonde. The sculpture lends itself to multiple readings: an industrial storage tank, a water tower, or grain silo. Our goal in adapting the form was to reinvigorate the study with an inhabitable scale which might provide a novel and personal way of looking at the landscape of Franconia. Ultimately we would hope to create similar sculptures elsewhere to provide similar experiences linked by the same form. In the words of Osamu Sato, “The work of past ages accumulates, and is remade again.”

The Lookout resides on Dakota lands of the Wahpekute.