Lake Elmo Residence

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Lake Elmo, MN
Alchemy Architects

Geoffrey Warner, FAIA Lead Design
Austin Watanabe, AIA Designer, Project Manager

Brooks Geenen, Photography

The Lake Elmo weeHouse is an efficient second home for a family from Australia who holiday in Minnesota. The footprint was constrained by a modest budget ($350K), the 100-year flood plane, and a 16’ maximum building height. Nonetheless, the 990 sf box contains 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and ample living space.

The home hovers above the surrounding wetland on helical piers anchored to bedrock 21 feet below grade. A custom weathering steel and black cedar skin blends the house into the surrounding woods. A wide, covered balcony and entry porch extend the living quarters out over the landscape, bridging the transition from inside to out.